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Not Myself Today: Transforming mental health in the workplace 
Aug 16th, 2022

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Canadian employers have been grappling with the mental health effects of the pandemic on employees.

Fiona’s Story
Jul 26th, 2022

In remote communities, care might not exist. Unless you can pay. In 2003, Fiona and her family came to Whitehorse as sponsored refugees from Kosovo. Her mental health declined almost…

Claire’s Story
Jul 26th, 2022

She’s seen people die from substance use during the pandemic. Claire was staff at the Overdose Prevention Site when she started helping Mark. He was only 13 years old. “He…

Jillian’s story
Jul 26th, 2022

She’s young and in a state of upheaval. The pandemic has wreaked havoc on youth. Jillian among them. “I’ve been really struggling with my mental health. I’m lonely and isolated,…

Bill’s Story
Jul 26th, 2022

Coming back from the brink of suicide. Bill has attempted suicide 8 times. Depression and his financial troubles are his triggers. Bill calls himself lucky. Here’s why: he has a…

Juanna’s Story
Jul 26th, 2022

In 2014, Juanna had what she calls a meltdown. “I was working I took vacations. I led a very normal, everyday life.” But when she lost her job due to…

Reid’s Story
Jul 26th, 2022

Human connection is key to keeping people well. Reid is a retired social worker, a Metis elder and a human being. And the three identities are fused firmly together. A…

A checklist to being a better listener
Jul 8th, 2022

When you think about it, we aren’t really taught to listen. Listening is a skill. It can be learned. But it also needs to be practiced.     You can be the…

Human beings as objects?
Jul 8th, 2022

The idealist in me thinks that many of the world’s problems, including racism, would disappear if we stopped seeing human beings as objects. As I wrote that last sentence, I…