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Work-Life Balance Quiz

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Are You in Balance?

More than ever before, Canadians play many different roles in their lives. They are workers, parents, spouses, friends, caregivers of elderly relatives and volunteers in their communities. They must also make room in their lives for taking care of their own physical and mental well-being. Not surprisingly, achieving balance among all these competing priorities can be difficult. This overload can be heightened by new technologies that were actually intended to make our work lives easier – through email, cell phones and other electronic devices, many workers are expected to be available 24/7, making the achievement of a balance between work and the rest of our lives even more difficult.

Achieving work/life balance means having equilibrium among all the priorities in your life – this state of balance is different for every person. But, as difficult as work/life balance is to define, most of us know when we’re out of balance. To find out more about your own personal balance:

This is not a scientific test. Information provided is not a substitute for professional advice. If you feel that you may need advice, please consult a qualified health care professional.

Work/Life Balance Quiz



1. I feel like I have little or no control over my work life

2. I regularly enjoy hobbies or interests outside of work

3. I often feel guilty because I can’t make time for everything I want to

4. I frequently feel anxious or upset because of what is happening at work

5. I usually have enough time to spend with my loved ones

6. When I’m at home, I feel relaxed and comfortable

7. I have time to do something just for me every week

8. On most days, I feel overwhelmed and over-committed

9. I rarely lose my temper at work

10. I never use all my allotted vacation days

11. I often feel exhausted – even early in the week

12. Usually, I work through my lunch break

13. I rarely miss out on important family events because of work

14. I frequently think about work when I’m not working

15. My family is frequently upset with me about how much time I spend working

Your Score Is:

Your life is out of balance – you need to make significant changes to find your equilibrium. But you can take control!

Your Score Is:

You’re keeping things under control – but only barely. Now is the time to take action before you’re knocked off balance.

Your Score Is:

You’re on the right track! You’ve been able to achieve work/life balance – now, make sure you protect it.

Tips and Resources

The next step, of course, is finding out what you can do to make your work-life balance better. See Work-Life Balance: Make It Your Business for tips and resources to help make it easier to strike a balance!