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National Council of Persons with Lived Experience

The National Council of Persons with Lived Experience (NCPLE), formerly the National Consumer Advisory Council (NCAC), is an advisory committee to CMHA National and the CMHA National Board of Directors composed of volunteers with lived experience of mental illness. The NCPLE works in partnership with CMHA National and the National Board of Directors to ensure that the voices and needs of persons with lived experience help guide the focus and work of the National office by sharing their wisdom, knowledge, and insights gained from lived experience. In order to infuse the voice of lived experience from the top down, the elected NCPLE Chair holds a seat on the CMHA National Board of Directors.

Over the years, the NCPLE has been instrumental in infusing the voice of lived experience within CMHA National. Some of the most recent accomplishments of the NCPLE are:


Consultation on Papers/ Policy Statements:


Committee Participation:

Media Coverage:

The Council currently has members from Saskatchewan, Quebec, Yukon, and Nova Scotia. The NCPLE strives to maintain a council that is nationally representative and inclusive of all backgrounds. We have temporarily put recruitment of new members on hold until further notice. Please continue to check our website for updates and CMHA National’s social media pages for features of NCPLE activities. 

To find out more or to be contacted when recruitment opens, please contact our National Lived Experience Specialist, Rebekah Sears at: [email protected].