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A pandemic is a very stressful event for individuals and communities. It’s normal to feel some stress and anxiety. It’s also very common for people to display great resiliency during times of crisis.[1] 

We should remember that this is absolutely the time to lean on each other. Even if we can’t be close physically, we need to stay close emotionally. So, while you’re staying in, stay in touch with each other, and reach out if you need support.  

CMHA has put together some resources and suggestions to help support your mental health at this time of uncertainty 

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Services and supports

Policy papers and Statements


Caring for others

Workplace Mental Health

Other relevant resources

Here are some credible sources of information that we recommend:  

What is happening at my local CMHA? 

If you are looking for the CMHA in your community, you can find it here. Check their website for local news and information.   

What is happening with CMHA National’s upcoming events and programs?

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Take care and stay safe! 

[1] Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration