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Giving Tuesday

They call her a mental health superhero.

Alicia’s been fighting bad guys all her life. Super villains in fact. Like anxiety and depression. Suicidal feelings. And then, at the very tender age of 13, a suicide attempt.   

No one was listening.  

Alicia’s 28 now. And she doesn’t hide behind her mask and cape. At least not anymore. She has an honest to goodness superpower now: it’s her voice, loud and clear. She tells it like it is. And it is hard. Hard to be a person living with mental illness in a world where no one’s listening.  

Thankfully, you are listening.  And so are we.  

Alicia says, “CMHA showed me that there was support available in the community, and not just in the hospital. Amazing people welcomed me, like clinicians, occupational therapists, and peer supporters. They saw me from a different view. They saw me as a person.” 

CMHA helps 1.3 million Canadians each year through community mental health programs and services. With your help, this number can continue to grow.  

This Giving Tuesday, give for mental health. Give support. Give hope. Give to make a difference. 

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