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2002 CMHA National Award Winners

The National Awards program recognizes the outstanding efforts of CMHA volunteers and staff members in communities throughout Canada who exemplify the spirit of the Association. CMHA salutes the award winners for their efforts to make a difference in mental health in Canada. In 2002, the recipients of awards were as follows:

C.M. Hincks Award

Ron LaJeunesse for demonstrating the spirit and social commitment of the Canadian Mental Health Association’s founder.

Marjorie Hiscott Keyes Award

Bonnie Myslik for her interest, compassion and understanding as a psychiatric nurse working with persons with mental illness.

Outstanding Volunteer Service

Charles Watson and Ruth Cottingham for their hard work, time and effort towards many different services provided by CMHA in the field of mental health.

Media Award

Barb Sweet

Consumer Participation Award

Sylvia Chiasson (Consumer)

Paul Becklake (Non-Consumer)

Aleck Trawick Award

Andrejs Berzin Q.C.

National Distinguished Service Awards

George Lucki (Alberta)

Tom Price & Connie Orr (British Columbia)

Roman Marshall (Manitoba)

Frankie O’Neill (Newfoundland and Labrador)

Blake Wood (Prince Edward Island)

Staff Award

David Allen for his exemplary efforts as a CMHA staff member.