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Workplace Mental Health Training

Our in-house Workplace Mental Health Specialists will work with you, however big or small your business, to develop customized workplace mental health training programs. We provide evidence-based training that is interactive and focused on solutions. We develop unique and catered learning experiences to create a workplace that’s psychologically safe and healthy.

Ask how the Canadian Mental Health Association’s workplace mental health team can customize services to meet your training needs. We are happy to build out customized training sessions but here are some common topics in workplace mental health, including:  

Do right by your employees, while increasing productivity and worker retention and reducing absences and working while sick (presenteeism). Your work culture depends on it and so does your business. And we’re here to help.    

Participant Testimonials 

Many thanks, an amazing, reassuring and inspirational session!!” 

“I finally feel like I found a starting point for addressing and understanding what I have been feeling of late. Thank you so much, I didn’t realize how much I needed [this session].” 

Contact our team today and get started on making your organization a psychologically healthier, more productive workplace.