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Transformation: Moving toward a new normal for mental health

Over the past year, COVID-19 has devastated livelihoods, strained relationships, disconnected families and weighed us down with grief and longing. But slowly, as people took off their brave faces and shared what they were going through, they found new voices. Slowly, as people struggled to fend off the anxiety and stress, they started to see for themselves how essential it is to feel seen, to have help, to feel supported.

With our eyes wide open, our society has never been so ready to reinvent our mental health

system. To push for a new normal in which mental health is valued and our system actually meets people’s needs.

That’s why we chose Transformation for the title of our 2021 Impact Report.

Throughout the year, we fought for real transformation in healthcare, to push for a new normal that recognizes the importance of mental health and meets the needs of Canadians. It’s why we commit to projects that foster change: developing public policy, working with key decision-makers, informing the public and nurturing healthy cultures. Our collaboration with the federal government helped secure the promise of over $1 billion in federal funding allocated to mental health supports in Canada.

This is our moment in time. We’ve committed the past 103 years to influencing and making change in Canada’s mental healthcare system, and now, more than ever, we commit to transforming that system. So that one day, everyone has access to the mental healthcare they need, when they need it.

We’re grateful to our donors, partners, members, allies and supporters who have furthered our work in transforming mental health in Canada.

Please read our Impact Report and see yourself in it. We work for everyone, so that one day, our system will work for all of us.