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CMHA calls on the federal government to make mental health part of Canada’s universal health care system in 2023 budget 

When it comes to mental health in Canada, it would simply be untrue to call our health system universal. Mental health and substance use problems are rampant in Canada, but millions of people aren’t getting the help they need.  That’s because too often, services do not exist, or the wait times are too long. When services do exist, too often they are badly underfunded or Canadians must pay out of pocket to receive them. This means only some people will get care. The rising stress of Emergency Department closures, staff burnout and shortages, long wait times, and delayed access to care, only widen the longstanding gaps in mental health care. As mental health concerns grow ever more pervasive, existing services and supports cannot meet the need.  

Making meaningful progress on mental health requires governments to work together. That means the federal government must work hand in hand with the provinces and territories to make sure that mental health services are delivered to everyone who needs them, and that they’re covered by public health insurance.  Making progress also means addressing the need for housing and income supports, because they are fundamental to good mental health. 

CMHA believes federal leadership and dedicated, permanent investments can help collectively build the mental health system Canadians need with a high return on investment.  

For the 2023 federal budget, CMHA is recommending: