Thinking of suicide or worried about someone you know? Call or text 9-8-8, toll-free, anytime, for support.

Emergency Communications Operators

Resilient Minds® dedicates itself to building resilient fire teams and services. We educate, empower and equip Emergency Communications Operators. They learn the skills and resources to grow and maintain psychological wellness. Resilient Minds® believes in inspiring first responders. To recognize and respond to psychological injuries and trauma in the workplace. This program promotes a shift to a supportive, mentally fit culture.

Innovative and Evidence-Informed 

Resilient Minds® is an evidence-based, peer-to-peer skills development program. Designed by and for Emergency Communications Operators. It uses the latest literature on resilience, trauma-informed practices and stress-related/occupational psychological injuries.

Designed For Emergency Communications Operators

Resilient Minds® is the only training program designed specifically to train Emergency Communications Operators. It takes into consideration the differences in experience and resources available to the two groups.

The Resilient Minds® program increases the ability of the Emergency Communications Operator to:

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