Nanalan’ partners with CMHA for Mental Health Week to highlight the power of compassion

The partnership emphasizes the healing benefits of compassion and its ability to connect us all

Toronto, (ON), April 15, 2024 – Popular children’s show Nanalan’ is teaming up with the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) to highlight the power of compassion. The partnership comes in time for CMHA’s 73rd Mental Health Week (May 6-12). This year’s theme is healing through compassion.

With Canadians facing worrying levels of stress, anxiety, and loneliness heightened by social inequality, the affordability crisis, and ongoing climate concerns, many are seeking ways to comfort themselves and heal their inner child. It’s one of the many reasons Nanalan’ has had a massive resurgence, with millions of views across social media.

“I think the show resonates so well this time around because of its simple, pure essence,” says Jamie Shannon, co-creator of Nanalan’. “The world is such an overwhelming place, a lot of people are looking for love, comfort and peace, and that’s what Nanalan’ is all about,” continues Shannon.

Nanalan’, which first made its debut in 1999, follows the adventures of a three-year-old puppet girl named Mona as she learns, grows and plays in her Nana’s backyard. The show’s bright colours, whimsical charm and simplicity offer a unique form of stress relief and mental wellness. Both CMHA and Nanalan’ touch on emotional intelligence while highlighting how kindness can connect us all.

“We get a lot of Cameo requests from people who are burnt out, or sad, or going through a difficult personal crisis, looking to receive pep talks, and support from Nana and Mona,” says Jason Hopley, co-creator of Nanalan’. “I think that speaks to what people are in need of right now which is compassion and kindness, and Nanalan’ really embodies that.”

A recent study by CMHA and Maru/Matchbox found that almost all Canadians (92%) identify themselves to be compassionate. Evidence also suggests that giving compassion, receiving compassion, and allowing ourselves to experience self-compassion are all very beneficial to our mental health.

“Compassion is the practice of meeting suffering – whether our own or the suffering of others – with kindness. We all have the capacity to be compassionate and can benefit from its healing qualities,” says Margaret Eaton, National CEO, CMHA. “That’s why we’re so excited about partnering with Nanalan’. If we can treat others with the same compassion and kindness that Nana does with Mona, it can make an enormous difference for our mental health,” Eaton adds.

Mental Health Week is from May 6 to May 12. This year’s theme “Healing through Compassion” emphasizes how compassion connects us all. We can practice compassion by:

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About Nanalan’
Nanalan’ is a beloved Canadian television staple turned online sensation. Created in the early 2000s by Jamie Shannon and Jason Hopley, Nanalan’s recent online resurgence has brought warm nostalgia, sweetness and childlike joy to millions.

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