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CMHA Psychological Health and Safety: The Essentials [Capacity Full]

[Capacity Full]

The Essentials is a 3-hour online, interactive training. Using the Standard as a guide, participants will learn about the history and development of PHS in Canada, gain understanding of core concepts like psychological health, safety, and risk, and will receive an expert overview of the core components of the Standard.

Course Objectives: 

• Learn and understand definitions of psychological health, safety and risk.
• Understand the parallels between Occupational Health and Safety and PHS, including legislative and regulatory overlap.
• Define core elements of the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.
• Identify benefits of addressing psychological health and safety, including a review of current evidence.
• Practice identifying opportunities for action to address psychological health and safety.

Date: July 13, 2022
Cost: $300 per person
Requirements: This is a virtual course hosted on Zoom. Participants must have access to a microphone, camera and stable internet connection.
Duration: 3 hours (1:30-4:30 EST)