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An echo pandemic of mental health issues? Not if we can help it.
Aug 7, 2020

We hear about it on the news. We see it in poll after poll. And we see it in our own lives. It is COVID-19’s toll on the mental health of Canadians. There is no debate…

When it comes to the pandemic and mental health, we’re not all equal
Aug 7, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is a sudden, unprecedented situation that has disrupted the lives of all Canadians and put us under tremendous stress. The pandemic continues to have a significant, long-lasting…

16 strategies to help you thrive
May 14, 2020

We all deserve to feel well and to thrive. In order to get there, the first thing to keep in mind is that we ALL have mental health to protect, promote and…

Tips on how to really listen  
May 9, 2020

Sharing is caring, but so is listening! Building real connection with other people in your life can take some getting used to—especially when it’s so normal in our society to go…

Your Social Distancing Survival Guide  
May 8, 2020

We are used to having built-in ways to connect. We connect at school and at work, at events and social activities, even with our neighbours in the grocery store. We…

Social connection is the cure
May 7, 2020

Long before there was COVID-19, there was loneliness. In recent years, loneliness has been considered a growing public health problem. Even an epidemic. Researchers started sounding the alarm, and some…

Screens and your child: the inside scoop
May 6, 2020

Schools are closed, activities and play dates are cancelled, and children are at home. Meanwhile, many parents are at home now, too, often busy with their day jobs. It’s a…

More than simply “fine”
May 4, 2020

It happens every time we say hello. In person, in text, on the phone. Someone asks us how we’re doing. It’s politeness. It’s a social convention. And it’s a way to find out how we’re…

Kindness is contagious. Not just fear
May 3, 2020

Some say that fear of the COVID-19 pandemic is as contagious as the virus. Yes, scientists have studied social networks and brain imaging and have found that fear can be passed from person to…