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Peel Dufferin Branch

CMHA Peel enhances the well being of all people in our community by promoting and supporting good mental health.

Business Vision
The Canadian Mental Health Association, Peel Branch is a leading client-driven, community-based mental health organization serving the community of Peel, recognizing its diversity in culture, personal and professional needs, and attitude. We are innovative partners in pro-actively strengthening individuals’ natural supports and developing the capacity of a responsive mental health system through the government of Ontario’s Central West Region. Managed with the highest of business and professional ethics, our practices, decision, activities and organizational circumstances help to maintain the integrity of our resources: human, material and financial.

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Peel Dufferin Branch
314-7700 Hurontario Street
Brampton Canada
Phone: 905-451-2123
Fax: 905-451-1720
Email: [email protected]